SDG 5 – Mauritius

SDG 5 : Gender Equality

Artist Name: Nivedita Bhoolaton Country: Mauritius

Art has always been dear to me. Growing up, I watched my mother and grandmother create artworks, paint on clothes, do cross-stitches on gunny bags, knit, embroider, paint, and craft macramé. Traditional and folkloric art forms from India and Africa, particularly Madhubani and Afro Arts with a modern touch, connect me to my roots. My grandma shared stories about ancestors creating “Sanjhis” with soil, cow dung, clay, and natural colors from leaves and petals.

These traditional forms, including rangoli made with ground rice and natural dyes, are precious parts of Mauritius’s cultural heritage. This rich legacy sparked my artistic journey, and I continue to explore and invent new art forms. My connection with art is deep, special, and therapeutic.