SDG 2 – Rodrigues

SDGs 2: Zero Hunger Artist Name: Queensley Abdool Country : Rodrigues “Nourishing Roots: Cultivating Resilience Against Famine” Within the brushstrokes of this artwork, a visual narrative blooms, portraying a powerful vision of how we can combat famine in Rodrigues. The canvas is a testament to our island’s unique approach—one that weaves planting, nurturing, and consuming

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SDG 1 – Rodrigues

SDGs 1: No Poverty Artist Name: Herve MichelCountry : Rodrigues “Illuminate the Path: Empowerment Through Education” In the luminous realm of art, a profound message takes shape—one that echoes the transformative power of education in eradicating the shadows of poverty. At the heart of this creation, a symbol of illumination and knowledge emerges: a bulb

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SDG 17 – Rodrigues

SDG 17: Partnership For the Goals Artist Name: Abraham Rose Statement:  “Symphony of Island Harmony: Unveiling Nature’s Rhythms” My artwork tells a tale of interconnectedness and harmony, portraying the essence of Rodrigues through a myriad of symbolic elements. The turtle embodies Mother Nature, encapsulating her maturity and wisdom. Birds become the threads weaving connections between

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SDG 12 – Rodrigues

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production Artist Name: Sebastien Collet Statement:  “Harmony’s Harvest: Cultivating a Sustainable Legacy” Within the canvas of change, I paint a vision that beckons our farmers towards a more efficient path—one that harmonizes with the rhythm of nature and echoes through generations. This tableau captures the essence of responsible agriculture, one

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