SDG 1: No Poverty

Artist Name: Judith Roesli
SDGs 1 : No Poverty
Medium: Acrylic Gouache on Canvas  


The lively interplay between recognisability and abstraction is a central aspect of my work, which should give it an exceptional character and make the viewer want to stay for a longer period of time to reflect on the global poverty challenge.

My inspiration for this project was equal rights to education,  however, during the course of the process, I discovered of the relationship between rich and poor. A sense of sensitivity is evident in the artwork, but also a sense of misery is clearly depicted. In my symbolic representation of wealth, the upper third of the picture represents wealth. Destitution is depicted in the painting at the center, which is the heart of the artwork. We can see the ensemble playing the most attractive part of the composition at the bottom illustrate that we all together.

As a matter of fact, it is of essential substance that investing in the lives of people living in the poverty datum line should not only be viewed as an act of sympathy and philanthropy, but it should be seen as contributing to the creation of better societies for a better world.