SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities

Artist Name: Jean Nathaniel Sainte-Marie


“Hands of Harmony: Bridging the Divide”

Within this visual narrative, I encapsulate a powerful theme—the aspiration to reduce inequality. The tableau speaks to the profound significance of shared resources, the bridge between wealth and want, and the essential act of giving that holds the potential to harmonize our society.

Two hands emerge—one adorned with a modest stack of coins, a representation of accumulated resources, while the other extends an index finger in a gesture of hope and longing, symbolizing those with fewer resources. This poignant image illustrates a fundamental truth—the act of reaching towards one another, of sharing, can mend the rift between disparity and create a more balanced tapestry.

The backdrop, a blurred garden or park teeming with lush trees and vibrant foliage, embodies the vision that reducing inequality fosters—a world where harmony blooms, much like the lush greenery. This scene captures the essence of a society that thrives not in discord but in the unity born from shared resources.