SDG 10 Folake Idowu

SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities

Artist Name: Folake Idowu
Medium: Water-based paint and crayon on linen canvas 


Folake is a self-taught artist of African origin. Over the years, she has taken part in various group and solo shows in Switzerland, UK and Senegal.

As a way to address inequalities that millions of people around the world continue to experience on a daily basis, SDG 10 was chosen to highlight the importance of inclusion as a means of reducing inequalities. There are many people across the globe who continue to suffer severe hardships due to migration, displacement, discrimination, and food insecurity. She believes that by working together humans will be able to make the necessary changes to make the world a better place every day, as long as we remember we only have one planet and one another.

This work is about the children being the future of the world’s perpetuation, the harvest of the world, and the success of the world. Besides human beings, the world is also home to a variety of animals both on land and in the sea, as well as plants and other living things that make the world a truly wonderful place.