11. Clarel Meunier

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Artist Name: Clarel Meunier


 “Eternal Nexus: Bridging Civilization and Nature”

In the realm of artistic expression, I present a canvas that unravels the intricate threads binding modern civilization with the timeless forces of nature. This composition, entitled “Perpetual Civilization,” is a visual meditation on the intricate interplay between our human constructs and the primal elements that shape our existence.

Geometric forms, embodied as rectangles, emerge as the emblem of our structured and organized world. These shapes encapsulate the architectural edifices, technological marvels, and societal frameworks that characterize our civilization’s formal aspect. They are the embodiment of human ingenuity and endeavor, a testament to our quest for structure, order, and progress.

From the heart of this geometric construct, hands emerge, reaching outward in an introspective gesture. These hands are humanity’s touch, a connection between our constructed world and the primordial wellspring of nature. They symbolize our innate longing to grasp the essence of existence, to bridge the gap between our human-made constructs and the source from which we emerged.

As these hands extend, they represent more than mere touch; they evoke a metaphorical journey—a voyage back to nature, to the source that nurtured us before we ventured into the world of rectangles and forms. This artwork encourages contemplation on the cyclic nature of life, the cyclical relationship between civilization and nature, and the unending dance of evolution.