SDG 12 Iryna Iurchuk

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Artist Name: By Sola – Fashion Brand & photographer Lena  Pogrebnaya 
Medium: Photomontage

Statement :

As a leading fashion brand, Brand By Sola promotes the concept of “less is more”, emphasizing the value of the brand’s products, as well as their quality, durability, and value. Her philosophy is to encourage people to make things themselves or support local artisans who use traditional techniques, as opposed to buying mass produced products. Knitting is an example of a technique that can be used.

Knitting requires a great deal of concentration, patience, and attention, which ultimately leads to you concentrating on the present moment and forgetting about the noise and hustle of everyday life as you knit. In addition to calming the mind and helping to relieve stress, this process can also be considered a form of meditation.