13. Jacques Desire Wong so

SDG 13: Climate Action

Artist Name: Jacques Desire Wong so


“Culinary Canvases: Flavors of a Harmonious Palette”

In the world of gastronomy, I express my artistic essence much like the way I craft a delectable dish. My strokes on the canvas are akin to the ingredients I delicately assemble, each stroke resembling a layer of taste, texture, and aroma. Just as a culinary creation is meant to delight the senses, my artworks aim to tantalize the visual faculties with a fusion of crispness and tenderness, capturing the essence of Rodriguan culture.

Much like the uniqueness of Rodriguan cuisine, which has been shaped by the island’s geographical formation, my art mirrors this singularity. The strokes on my canvas dance to a specific rhythm—an ode to the distinctive tastes that arise from a land kissed by ocean breezes and embraced by its very own terroir.

My art, much like the sumptuous textures that emerge in cooking, employs the vocabulary of the analog, woven seamlessly into the visual tapestry. This artistic lexicon resonates with a universal connection—the sensual world of flavors and the tactile realm of textures both finding harmony on my canvas.

In this delicious convergence, a deeper message emerges. My art speaks to a global audience, advocating for a profound change in the very way we nurture ourselves. As each plate of Rodriguan cuisine evokes a sense of place, my artworks evoke a sense of transformation.