SDG 13 Madeleine Farhoumand

SDG 13: Climate Change

Artist Name: Madeleine Farhoumand
Medium: Linen Fabric on Canva 

Statement :

Each of us has a responsibility to create a better world, to save our planet, and this painting tells us how to do it: stone by stone, each and every one of them is laid and adds to a beautiful creation. An illustration of the Falcon represents the extremes that are induced by climate change by one wing that burns, whereas the other one is frozen. As part of his defense against Climate Change, the Falcon attacks its prey, the Snake, in an attempt to survive. In addition, it is also true that the snake is a beautiful creation of Mother Earth.

Due to the fact that garbage and pollution are now intoxicating and dominating the Snake, it craves to gather and collect more and more of these things, leaving the Snake addicted to and dominated by them. Overconsumption is a destructive behavior that induces climate change as a result of overconsumption.

Our ability to make a difference in this world will be achieved by allowing us to take our Self-Responsibility right now, and laying with our own hands the stones that will enable us to reverse the destructive path the world is on as a result of our exaggerated consumption.