14. Christophe Alberto Gaiki

SDG 14: Life Below Water

Artist Name: Christophe Alberto Gaiki


“A Gesture of Goodwill from a Fish”

In gazing upon the vast expanse of the sea, we are greeted by a spectacle of beauty and tranquility. Amidst these serene waters, a fish emerges as a symbol of nature’s intricate balance and unity. As we revel in the captivating sights beneath the surface, the fish harbors a quiet aspiration. It longs for those who cast their eyes upon it to also direct their gaze upwards, towards the sky.

Just as the sea mirrors beauty and harmony, the fish’s wish is that this harmony extends beyond the depths, embracing the world above. In this shared gaze, the fish extends a gesture of goodwill—a reminder that beauty and harmony are not confined to a single realm, but are woven throughout the fabric of existence, waiting to be discovered wherever our gaze may fall.