16. Thomas Azie

SDG 16: Peace Justice and Strong Institution

Artist Name: Nolin Pierre


“Harmonious Echoes of Change”

Within the strokes and hues of my artistic creations, a symphony of ideals resonates—a symphony that embraces the principles of peace, justice, and institutional fortitude. These canvases serve as portals into a world where these ideals intertwine, forming a tapestry of transformation.

With each brushstroke, I seek to weave the threads of unity amidst diversity—a concept inherent in the essence of Rodrigues. Just as the island’s varied landscapes converge to form its unique identity, my art endeavors to reflect this unity through vibrant diversity. In every stroke, hues and forms coalesce, reminding us of the strength found within the embrace of differences.

My art is more than pigment and canvas; it is a call for introspection, a mirror to society’s aspirations. It beckons the viewer to consider the profound impact of peace, the balance of justice, and the fortification of institutions.