SDG 16 - Iliostalakti Konstantinidis

SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institution

Artist Name: Iliostalakti Konstantinidis  
Medium: Oil

Statement :

I am a firm believer that Justice to be without prejudice. We have to stand up for justice and equality and be the voice of those who cannot speak. It is our mission to create a better world for our future generations. We must strive to bring about positive change and create a more equitable society.

“Justitia” in the modern era. It is very important to take a step back and reflect our beliefs and values of humanity in a world that is full of injustice. We should strive to build a society where justice is served without bias or favoritism. A society where all are judged according to the same set of laws and standards. A world of fairness, balance, and equality.