UNITY - Cristian Damian Gonzalez

SDG 18: All Together

Artist Name: Cris / Cristian Damian Gonzalez Lahmann
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Statement :


On the basis of time and space the life of the universe develops.

A smooth natural movement slides the grains of the hourglass of history

between the extremes of existence in a constant search for balance.

Past and future,

right and left hemisphere,

North-South and East-West.

The chain of life, fragile and infinite, seeks its next link.

A code, a guide and a ladder of actions

that lead to human, natural and artificial integration that restore the lost balance.

Nature and technology, virtual and real world,

artificial intelligence and human,

society and planet earth.

The children of tomorrow look at the present with hope,

from a future that still appears diffuse and incomplete,

their dreams extend their arms towards the present.

Science and religion.

Brain and heart.

Reason and intuition.

Between wars, poverty, inequality, crises, migration, extinction, climate change and natural disasters,

human beings write the present between brilliant inventions and new technologies,

based on the mistakes and successes of the past.

Since time immemorial, all cultures and civilizations have written codes

to live in comunitty, harmony and unity with the planet.

The SDGs seem to reflect the voice of today, the warning of the future.

A voice that speaks to us in silence and resonates with each passing minute.

A voice that seems to speak on behalf of nature and future generations.

The time of regeneration, transformation and integration has arrived.

The voice of nature is the new and only guide,

towards the conservation, preservation and revitalization

of the biodiversity of flora, fauna and all human cultures that inhabit the earth.

United, integrated and humble

before the immeasurable immensity of life

that evolves and circulates at every moment like the sap, the water and the gold in our DNA.