SDGs through Arts - Zaahirah Muthy

SDG 19: SDGs through Arts

Artist Name: Zaahirah Muthy
Medium: Mixed Media

Statement :

A mission-driven artist who aspires to be an agent of change, Muthy presented the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals in a colorful and intriguing way. Through this piece, the artist conveyed the urgency of the goals and the hope that they will be achieved.

SDGs through Arts is a substantial element in her practice while the use of reuse paper in the artistic process adds an additional layer of significance to the artwork. By incorporating upcycling techniques, the artist not only creates visually captivating pieces but also emphasizes the importance of reducing waste and embracing sustainable practices.

Through her artwork, Muthy aspires to spark conversations and empower individuals to take action. By highlighting the beauty of upcycling and promoting the SDGs, she hopes to inspire visitors and fellow artists to contribute to positive change in their own unique ways.

Overall, the artist’s focus on using art as a platform for promoting awareness, encouraging sustainability, and inspiring others aligns with the spirit of the SDGs and their goal of creating a more equitable and sustainable world.

It is a testament to her passion and vision for using art as a powerful tool for promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and creating positive change.