SDG 1 : Zero Hunger

Artist Name: Alia MeMedhat                                                                                  Country  : Egypt

The theme of poverty eradication resonates deeply with me, and I am thrilled that I could translate my passion for this issue into my artwork. The subject of my painting, a young boy living in poverty, aims to capture the essence of the struggles and challenges that many individuals face daily. By incorporating elements of both acrylic colors and collage, I aimed to create a piece that evokes a strong emotional response while reflecting the complexity of this global issue.

The addition of collaged elements depicting the ravages of war was a deliberate choice. War, as you rightly mentioned, is often a significant contributor to poverty, disrupting lives, communities, and economies. I wanted to emphasize this connection in my artwork, reminding viewers of the broader context within which poverty exists.

Once again, I want to express my sincere gratitude for this opportunity. Working on this project has not only allowed me to express my artistic vision but has also motivated me to further engage with the SDGs and the positive impact art can have on raising awareness about critical issues.