2. Queensley Abdool

SDGs 2: Zero Hunger

Artist Name: Queensley Abdool
Country : Rodrigues

“Nourishing Roots: Cultivating Resilience Against Famine”

Within the brushstrokes of this artwork, a visual narrative blooms, portraying a powerful vision of how we can combat famine in Rodrigues. The canvas is a testament to our island’s unique approach—one that weaves planting, nurturing, and consuming from our own soil into the very fabric of our identity.

The scene unfolds, depicting a tapestry of fields adorned with a vibrant symphony of crops. Each stroke is a nod to the resilience of our community, as hands lovingly tend to the soil, cultivating the sustenance that sustains us. The visual language is one of hope, a call to action in the face of adversity.

In this tableau, our connection with the land takes center stage. It’s more than just a means of nourishment; it’s a way of life that sets us apart. The very act of planting, harvesting, and eating from our own crops is an act of empowerment—a collective stance against the specter of famine.