SDG 2 Kamila Hlobi

SDG 2: Zero Hunger

Artist Name: Kamila Hyo
Medium: Oil


Despite its prevalence across the globe, hunger is not only a threat to individuals, but also a problem for society, which poses a moral and societal issue as basic needs, like the right to adequate nutrition, are still not fully met. There is no doubt that the fact that people are suffering from a lack that industrial society is either not experiencing or unaffected by, is that fact we must not ignore.

As part of my contribution to the SDGs through arts Zero hunger, I not only aim to make a positive impact on goal no.2 of the SDG but the artwork also reflects the impact on the environment. In order to achieve one goal at a time, we need to have a holistic approach that is capable of sustaining, developing, and supporting one another when it comes to our goals and objectives.

The world needs to understand the complexity and seriousness of global problems and the need for a sustainable system transformation at the most important levels without involving egoistic goals of individuals, even if it costs them time, effort, and struggle.