SDG 1 : Good Health and Well Being

Artist Name: Veetasha Jhummun                                                                         Country  : Mauritius

A small tinsel-like island in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean where resides children of slaves from Mozambique and Madagascar, indentured laborers from parts of India and Franco-Mauritians
—Mauritius: my country, my history, my future. Rich in both nature and culture, Mauritius never lacked color and action, neither in the past where poverty but happiness reigned, nor in the present
where stability and the fast pace of globalization have caught up with us. We’ve come a long way certainly, but it all began with the dodo—a grey animal, too lazy to save its own flesh, let alone realize that it was actually unique in the world, just like the island it inhabited. Time flew and crossing the blue ocean in ships came the slaves, bound by shackles, dirty rags, and fear; unaware they were setting foot on the land where they’d shed blood, sacrificing their loved ones before
finding freedom.