SDG 3 Manuela Granziol

SDG 3: Good Health and wellbeing

Artist Name: Manuela Granziol
Medium: Sculpture and paper mosaic

Statement : 

Depression, anxiety, angst, grief and loneliness: despite its frequent occurrence in people’s lives and attempts to destigmatise mental health, we still find it difficult to discuss psychological distress. With her sculpture “Soliloquio, The loneliness of the Soul” the artist would like to draw attention to the challenges faced by people suffering from mental health issues.

The UN claims that healthy families are the foundations for thriving communities, yet all over the world families are left alone to deal with family members with mental health problems. Mental illness has always been a topic with stigma and harmful assumptions. These stigmatizations are especially prevalent in developing countries. In general, those who suffer from mental illnesses are looked at as crazy, dangerous or weak. They are often shunned by their families and believed to be victims of spiritual corruption. There are many connections between third-world countries and mental illness, such as losing or not having access to stable essential resources like income, employment, housing, etc. Moreover economic insecurity makes living conditions extremely difficult. This can induce stress and lead to depression, which explains how depression is considered the most common mental health disorder. Wars and natural disasters such as tsunamis and famines are also leading factors of mental illnesses. In addition, in developing countries, resources to help deal with mental illnesses are extremely scarce. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), many of those who require mental healthcare in developing countries don’t receive treatment.