SDG 4 Karyna Herrera

SDG 4: Quality Education

Artist Name: Karyna Herrera
Medium: Mixed-Media Painting

Statement : 

The provision of quality education requires a free and peaceful world in order for it to be possible. The education system cannot serve as a powerful instrument for the development of a country if freedom and peace do not exist.

An environment where people are given the opportunity to pursue their personal development, as well as their development in their environment, as well as imparting information useful to human beings is conducive to education as imparting useful knowledge. The exchange of knowledge between cultures and societies is therefore possible in a free and peaceful world. The basis of a developing society is social and individual well-being.

The clear message I have conveyed in my work is that I believe that communication is an important means to achieving quality education, and I am convinced that it is the key to achieving it as well. Global solutions and sustainable development are possible if people, cultures, and nations work together and support and exchange ideas between them.