5. Andre Max Jeremias

SDG 5: Gender Equality

Artist Name: Andre Max Jeremias


“Empowerment Beneath the Waves: A Vision of Gender Parity”

In the realm of my canvas, I present a powerful visual narrative that speaks to the theme of gender parity—a story that unfolds beneath the waves, where a determined Rodriguan woman engages in the art of octopus fishing, a traditionally male-dominated industry.

At the heart of this scene stands a formidable woman, her gaze unwavering as she navigates the waves with poise and purpose. Her hands expertly manipulate the tools of her trade, unraveling the mysteries of the deep, and her every gesture exudes an unyielding strength. She is not merely fishing for octopuses; she is fishing for a future where gender disparities are erased, where opportunities are limitless regardless of one’s gender.

This tableau is an ode to the spirit of equality, a testament to the resilience of women who defy societal norms to partake in industries that have long been considered exclusive domains of men. It’s a reminder that gender parity is not just a dream—it’s a tangible reality being shaped by the relentless determination of individuals like this Rodriguan woman.