SDG 5: Gender Parity

Artist Name: Anisa Zafar
Medium: Acrylic and gold paper

Statement : 

This piece of art, belongs to my golden series called: ZAN: WOMAN: DONNA

I believe strongly that the world will find its balance when women enjoy from the same right for life, such as education and thinking freedom.

When women be able to work shoulder should with men in the society and take part of the process of the peace building, humanity will achieve wonderful progress.

We can contribute to the betterment of the world by our deep kindness, compassion intuition and the will for creating community and an inclusive peace.

I choose this painting from many others, because I believe, it is a crucial time for women to raise their voice, working and focusing on their talents, potentials and bring to light collaborative new ways of success, to move toward more sustainable world from all aspects.

It is time, to work together toward a reduce poverty with the intention to gift life to each and every one, it is time to work all together for a better future.