SDG 5 : Clean Water and Sanitation

Artist Name:  Daniella Eole                                                                          Country :  Mauritius

Having clean water in 2023 is unfortunately a problematic issue in some countries. There are still billions of people who lack basic necessities, namely safe and clean water.

It is scientifically proven that water has memory. It carries and stores information that is beyond our expectations. It reflects the impact of flowers, stones, the exposition to chemical substances, and electromagnetic radiation, and is even affected by emotions, music, words, thoughts, and feelings; water has memorization capacity.

Water is an important element on this planet; it covers 70% of the earth and is especially important to us humans, as water also makes up around 70% of our bodies. Water definitely has an impact on the structure within our cells that can be seen under a microscope.

Since water is like a mirror, it is important that we pay attention to the quality of the water we consume. As we are evolving in a world of climate crisis, simple things like having clean water and good sanitation should be given the utmost attention. Clean, quality water definitely has a direct impact on our lives.

Water is just not a substance; “water doesn’t belong to us, but we belong to water; when it has passed through our fingers, pores, and bodies, nothing separates us from earth”, says Emmi Itarantas prose.

We should always fight for fresh and clean water!