SDG 6 Charlotte Qin

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Artist Name: Charlotte Qin
Medium: Chinese ink & Acrylic 

Statement :

Tale of the Dragon –– the Chinese dragon, a mythical creature which combines the bodily features of a fish, a turtle, and a snake. It is an embodiment of the living force that moves bodies of water between heaven and the earth. With Chinese ink, the art medium of Charlotte Qin’s ancestors made of natural materials of bamboo ashes and wood charcoal dissolved in water, Charlotte draws a connection between the wounded water system on earth and the traumas in our bodies (which is made of 99% water molecules). She attempts to bring light and healing to the darkness of the world through her creation.

Charlotte Qin 秦 超 穎 is a Chinese-Canadian artist, gallerist, and Water advocate based in Geneva, Switzerland. Charlotte’s artistic journey has been meandering like Waters: after her education in physics (McGill ’16), design, and engineering (RCA and Imperial ’19), she began her exploration of Taoist, feminist, psychological, and yogic themes. Charlotte then finally found her mission as an advocate and healer of the Waters — both our planetary waters and our inner waters: emotions.

Embodying her Chinese heritage and Western scientific training, Charlotte’s artwork subtly blends science, nature, and mysticism and takes many forms, such as painting, sculpture, performance, and scientific visualization. She evokes water as a medium that reveals the essence of life and connects all living beings. Her meditation on water and performance in natural water bodies invite us to rethink our interdependence with nature.

As an advocate for Waters, Charlotte has also presented at international conferences in Switzerland, India, and the United States. With water becoming an increasingly urgent issue worldwide, Charlotte’s role as an artist and activist has contributed to the projects of a number of government organisations including the United Nations, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the European Union.