7. Mariano Legentil

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Artist Name: Mariano Legentil


“Harvesting Energy: Nurturing an Island’s Autonomy”

In the canvas of creative expression, a vibrant narrative unfolds, portraying a harmonious blend of innovation, sustainability, and the essence of Rodrigues. At the forefront of this scene, the sun emerges as a steadfast companion, casting its radiant beams upon the iconic solar panels adorning a typical island home.

Amongst these natural wonders, elements of agriculture emerge—a nod to the earth’s bounty and the island’s capacity for self-sufficiency. Corn and beans, emblematic of the land’s fertile embrace, stand as reminders that energy extends beyond the mechanical realm—it encompasses the nurturing of sustenance, the nurturing of community.

As the sun, wind, sea, and earth converge, a narrative of autonomy and harmony takes form. This canvas encapsulates the aspiration of a small island, endeavoring to stand tall as an exemplar of sustainable progress. In this intricate tapestry, we are reminded that through innovation and collaboration, an island can not only meet its energy needs but also cultivate an equilibrium with the world it inhabits