SDG 8 Therese Weber

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Artist Name: Therese Weber
Medium: Indian ink, Crayon, Cotton double-layer


The fact that mankind is entering a new territory, where the beginning and the end cannot be pinpointed precisely, is a challenge. A critical component of the development and design of art projects is the openness of the processes that point to the future.

The power of the elements and the stability of the world, economic growth and trade are global themes. Now it is a part of my life and I share responsibility for the preservation and further development of resources and justly distributed economic and social living conditions for all nations, social classes as well as every age group.

Since the trade of goods over the Silk Roads and the World Seas challenges have changed, continuously taking on new forms and calling for positive, circumspect navigation in these multi-perspective levels of global future expectations.

Phenomena of nature and their overwhelming meaning and aesthetics are important parameters in my artistic work, starting from raw materials of pure natural fibers planted in mountainous areas. It is my concern that these resources are preserved and that the people in the plantations have work. In addition, water, as a vital source for our existence is also relevant to my work.

In my work for SDGs, Indian ink heavily diluted with water is applied to cloth. These areas of color, spreading like rhizomes, stand for topography, movement, and development. Figure and drawing refer to the broad spectrum of promotion and growth.

In my works it is my concern to sediment main themes, to crystallize the relevant and as in a condensation process to reassemble a coherent whole. Relevant processes also with the goal ‘Descent work and economic growth’. Goals are messages to all of us; achieving them takes time and our commitment. It is the world of the present and future.